May 25, 2010

NATE THURMOND talks with fans prior to the Warriors game with the Houston Rockets. Thurmond has lived in San Francisco for 50 years since the old San Francisco Warriors drafted him in jerseys Thurmond now serves as an Ambassador to the team and goes to 30 home games a season, with his wife Marci Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

Where President Trump sees carnage, Cory Booker sees the need for more love. Love was the message that Booker, a senator from New Jersey, delivered during his opening keynote at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Moves forward not just when we learn to tolerate one another, but when we love each other..

Brennan: “Zing! Nice one, B Zone. You must be waking up finally yourself. However, it’s obvious you have not heard Ottawa is about to get a CFL team (the Redblacks), an NASL team, an NBL team, a double A baseball team . Her salary for her final unfinished film, Something’s Got to Give, was $100,000. Compare that with Elizabeth Taylor, who was getting a million dollars for Cleopatra; or even Marilyn’s co star in the film, Dean Martin, who was on $500,000. Today, her estate makes around five million dollars a year.

How do you stop a tank in that situation? You don’t. The ensuing 23 minute chase ended only when Nelson managed to get the tank stuck on a jersey barrier in the middle of the highway. At that point, probably after shitting themselves at the sight of said tank, the cops jumped on the war machine, opened the hatch and shot Shawn to death..

Before you goPack a bag of tricks. Bring a variety of reliable amusements, including favorite books, games, and (quiet) toys. Choose a child friendly restaurant, preferably one casual and loud enough to absorb any noise your family might make. Now this team’s members move around with a list and ask questions to all members of the opposite team. The one who brings the maximum ‘trues’ in minimum time is the winner. Questions should be of the true or false type only.

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What’s more, this weekend the show is opening at the new, custom made Jersey Boys Theatre here in Vegas, in the just opened all suite Palazzo hotel. A Toronto company comes next. Then Australia. If nothing else, this seems to suggest that Consumer Alerts do little to deter businesses from engaging in this kind of behavior. Yelp said itself that this was the third time one business was slapped with an Alert, and that it found over 50 new questionable reviews just since February. It might, however, deter businesses from using Yelp’s messaging to try to get fake reviews..