June 6, 2014

Ultimate cheapskate

Jeff Yeager of Accokeek once found a glass tabletop in the river, got cheap jerseys driftwood and made a table. He uses the pickup truck he bought back in the 1980s as a flower planter, and friends say when Yeager entertains, he always has the best boxed wine.

Last week, he went on a Fast, where he did not spend any money all week.

society is one that is way too materialistic and that not a good thing, said Yeager. is no relationship to money and happiness. to Yeager, most Americans are already very rich in comparison to other countries. a matter of being thankful for what you have, said Yeager, who is currently writing a book, Ultimate Cheapskate Guide. said his wife, Denise, is a good sport about him being cheap.

wife always http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ said I was the cheapest man in America, Yeager said with a laugh.

Denise Yeager said her husband is amazing in the way he comes up with things. She said he has a knack for finding things and turning them into something useful.

Denise said she and Jeff are not very materialistic.

don own the latest technology. We don own a cell phone, and we probably never will, Denise Yeager said.

Denise Yeager said she and her husband are a rarity in American society.

frightening that our society is such a debt ridden society, Denise Yeager said.

Denise Yeager said people would be better off if they used her husband philosophy.

not how much you own, but it our experiences that are priceless, Denise Yeager said.

Bookbinder said Yeager frugality usually leads to creativity. He recalled a time when he allowed Yeager to use his concrete chunks to build a fish pond in his backyard. Bookbinder said Yeager took the metal pipe from their well to redo his greenhouse.