June 6, 2014

Ulster Tourism pitches county to locals and New York City folks

KINGSTON A gallon of gas is expected to peak well beyond $3 this summer, and Ulster County is aggressively advertising its tourism opportunities at New York http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ City.

may sound trite, but it less than full gas tank away, said Rick Remsnyder, director of Ulster County tourism office.

And city residents, those living in the suburbs and New Jersey are potent contributors to the county economy, as witnessed cheap jerseys in New Paltz or Minnewaska on any sunny Saturday or Sunday.

like people to come from New York City and stay the night, stay the weekend, but we also need to entice some of the local people to come out and see the fairs, the festivals, he said. sure a lot of people have not been to (Cragsmoor Sam Point. Tourism and business leaders tried to downplay the Great Recession and instead focus on economic revitalization. But that may take some time to play on Main Street.

wonderful because it cheap, $3.25. You can beat that. It a tasting garden, so you can nosh your way through it, she said. business has been pretty decent throughout this whole thing. Miniature golf is perfect Depression past time, said Reidelbach. In fact, she said miniature golf first time became popular during the Great Depression.