The club’s annual ski sale began in 1970 as an informal gear swap between club members and grew over the years to an event open to the public, according to longtime club members. Today, the sale raises the bulk of the club’s operating funds. On Oct.

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Take all the sponges and twist once. Secure with the cable tie/rubber band and pull as tight as possible. Trim the cable tie as closely as possible and get ready to “fire!”. Why It Is Awesome: These aren just doughnuts. This is the work of a craftsman. Donut Man owner Jim Nakano is well known for creating one of the top destinations in Southern California for doughnuts.

Use of silhouettes, which rears its head in her sculpture and video work as well, also puts some of the accountability on the viewer. Looking at the flat silhouettes, viewers tend to automatically categorize the characters as African American or Caucasian. Do I know this character is black or white? asks DiTillio, ruminating about the imprint that stereotypical imagery has left on society consciousness.

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Tragically, the eurozone leadership has for two years refused even to consider this most obvious of solutions. Instead, the leadership has been determined to raise ever larger bailout funds to lend ever more to the stressed governments. While this might forestall default in the short term, it makes the longer term problem far worse.

The right thing to do at the right time, said City Councilor Claude Morgan, who lives near the pier. Think there immediate demand for this kind of support for aquaculture in Maine. It an opportunity to show you can have a working waterfront, do it sustainably and have it become a force for economic growth in the community.