Info Dev Firmware Specifications Specialist

Business Area: Engineering and Design
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You will capture, define, and document firmware requirements and specification for Lexmark  products and/or Lexmark OEM worldwide. You will develop and maintain documentation such as detailed firmware specifications, worklists, and functional requirements for the firmware developers, User Interface designers, and subject matter experts (SMEs) from different teams.


Your daily routine will involve:

  • Working very closely with the firmware and experience design teams to develop firmware specifications, and with the SMEs to define gaps in existing content, and develop and implement a plan to execute
  • Attending planning and coordination meetings to assess customer requirements and define appropriate content solutions
  • Studying and understanding product workflows and engineering specifications, and interfacing with SMEs
  • Cultivating and relying on extensive informal networks across the organization
  • Sifting through data and information, identifying the information product requirements quickly, and keeping track of the changes to the product design to make sure that these are documented
  • Managing, tracking, and communicating specifications availability schedules
  • Supporting team efforts to improve overall documentation practices
  • Regularly revising all documents as product changes are released


We invite you to join our team, if you have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, or any related course
  • More than three (3) years technical specifications writing skills and experience with the ability to understand technical content; convey ideas with varying complexity in a clear and direct style; and add value to the usability and quality of the documentation
  • Strong eye for detail and consistency across content modules
  • Rich understanding of content development and delivery processes
  • Experience with content management systems and software management tools
  • The ability to manage documentation schedules, reviews, and approval processes
  • The skill in anticipating and resolving problems in a fast-paced, team-oriented development team environment
  • Familiarity with technical or engineering processes to work with teams throughout the project development cycle
  • A strong passion for quality and correctness of documentation
  • Fluency in English grammar, spelling, and style
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Familiarity with documenting interaction workflow and user interface
  • Programming skills and exposure to Android application development
  • The Aptitude and ability to write, understand, and interpret scripts and firmware codes
  • Understanding of functional networking technology, web and application servers, and associated network components
  • Exposure to developmental and/or operational testing
  • Knowledge and experience working with automated testing tools
  • Knowledge of system and database administration with troubleshooting abilities
  • Experience working in agile development environments

A firm desire to identify and solve customer problems

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