September 6, 2010

2. You Must Prioritize ( his oldest son, Buddy The Elf, comes into his life and warms his heart, Walter Hobbs could best be described as a cold, grumpy workaholic. Everything is about business. Living on this amount with three children she may not be able to afford the rat poison. Lets face it, food, electric, gas and water dont come cheap. And you cant exactly buy rat poison at Tescos.

“The Big Spring has 10,000 gallons a minute that flows up through the bottom of the spring,” explained Park Officer Patrick Nelson. “You can take a raft out over the spring and I always recommend that people take the raft all the way over to the other side. That’s where the most active part of the spring is and that’s where the fish like to hang out.”.

I sincerely do not wish to tarnish the legacy of Mr. Rosenfeld and held off on making any comments like this in his obit but clearly these are topics that need to be discussed. I took it for granted that environmentally minded people would consider a 4000+ sf home a luxury we can no longer afford as a society but people seem willing to write him a blank check..

“My issue is not really just the cost of short term borrowing versus long term borrowing. Its the exposure that you get if you do not put in place the long term borrowing strategy,” he said. “In a particular short time frame, you can get cheap money, but with that cheap money comes exposure to rating changes.”.

“My expectation is to push the envelope a little bit,” he said. “We have to move past the idea of playing for nine wins. At the end of the day, why have nine when you can have 10? Why settle for 10 when you can have 11? That’s the way I think.. Obama should be praised for getting the country out of the Bush quagmire and guaranteeing health care for all citizens as well as supporting equal rights for all Americans. Now marriage equality and the ACA are the law of the land and I could not be happier. We have carried Christian based laws of discrimination against LGBTQ citizens long enough..

It’s all very well for the PC brigade standing up for immigration, but a large portion of crime reported in the HT seems to involve or be actively caused by foreigners. I haven’t done the percentages but I’m sure if you work it out per capita the answer would be astounding. And I’m neither racist nor anti immigration, just factual..

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